"RWB" presentation, Stadhuis Antwerpen (25.01.2017)

RWB Antwerpen

• Renowned Wineries of Burgenland (RWB) present themselves in Antwerpen/Belgium 2017.

• Tasting of the "Great Sites of Burgenland" at the Stadhuis Antwerpen (Hôtel de ville d'Anversvon Antwerpen) with interesting facts about soil, terroir and production.

• Presentations for professional audience, wine enthusiasts and lovers of Burgenland wines.

"Falstaff" Red Wine Gala, Vienna Hofburg (22.11.2016)

Falstaff 2016

What Falstaff says about the winery HANS-IGLER.

• Tastings of recent vintages and mature wines.

• Selection of Falstaff points here

"A La Carte" Magazine (No. 2016 / 3)

2014 Wines A La Carte• Comparison of the vintages 2013 & 2014, download here

"Summerkuchl" La Trattoria (summer 2016)

Summerkuchl Schaflerhof• Susanne and Mario Iorillo from Montabaur run our "Summerkuchl".

• In summer, our (wine) customers are also spoiled with Mediterranean delicacies.

• Exemplary highlights 2016 at Schaflerhof: Serata Campana, crime story and wine, barbecue evening (wood grill), picnic in the vineyard, candlelight dinner, Mittelburgenland invita Milano.

"Arlberg Weinberg" Fair (05.-10.12.2016)

Vineyard Arlberg

Wine fair for gourmets and award-winning winemakers from all over the world in Lech Zürs.

• International meeting place for winemakers, wine lovers and top chefs.

• You can find impressions in pictures here.

"Save travels!" Magazine (No. 4, Autumn / Winter 2016)

Culinary portraits by Lukas Beck

• Wine recommendation Ab Ericio 2012

• Version as a .pdf Download (page 30)

"Indulgence" Online (16.06.2015)

Indulgence 25 Years Vulcano• Burgenländ. Volcano for 25 years

• Symbol exceptional wine

• Enjoyment Generations (1988 to 2012), at a glance here.

"Rotweinfestival" Deutschkreutz (07.-10.07.2016)

Rotweinfestival 2016• The red wine experience in Central Burgenland.

• The winegrowers association Deutschkreutz and all participating winegrowers provide qualitative exchange on site.

History of the winery Hans Igler

Wine culture & pure joy

The HANS-IGLER winery has guaranteed wine culture at the highest level for years. The foundation stone was laid by Hans IGLER, who went down in the annals as Austria's red wine pioneer.

His path is followed by Waltraud and Wolfgang Reisner-IGLER, who recently attracted attention with a top cuvée, the "Ab Ericio" (lat., from the hedgehog).

Classic in the world of red wine Austria

The 40 hectares of vineyards of the HANS-IGLER winery are located in the best vineyards in Deutschkreutz, the heart of the red wine region of Central Burgenland, the Blaufränkischland.

The sandy loam and gravel soils and the mild Pannonian climate influences allow excellent red wines and also rich white wines to thrive.

In addition to the white Burgundy varieties Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay, Waltraud Reisner-IGLER and Wolfgang Reisner have specialized primarily in red wines - first and foremost the regionally typical Blaufränkisch, furthermore Zweigelt, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and most recently Merlot.

A late, gentle harvest,particularly low yields per hectare and careful processing in a modern equipped cellar with temperature-controlled fermentation are the basis for those quality, which have long made wines such as the Blaufränkisch Ried Hochberg, the Cabernet Sauvignon from the Ried Kart or the top cuvée Vulcano from Blaufränkisch, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zweigelt and Merlot into trademarks of the HANS-IGLER winery.

Cultural trails

In order to meet the market demands of the winery, Waltraud and Wolfgang Reisner-IGLER engaged the architect DI Anton Mayerhofer. The architectural expansion and redesign of tasting and sales rooms as well as the barrique cellar was implemented with SCHAFLERHOF.

The construction company and restoration will be handed over to its destination in 2002 during a "Weinisage". Wine expert Viktor Siegl tastes the best Cabernet Sauvignons while enjoying literary and culinary delights, jazz sounds and a relaxed atmosphere.

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