The success story of the HANS-IGLER winery began in the 1960s. With 1 hectare Hans IGLER and his wife Maria found the winery HANS-IGLER. Meanwhile, the winery has an area of 40 hectares. At the end of the 1970s, the founder and red wine pioneer Hans IGLER focuses increasingly on the quality of his wines. At this time, many other winemakers put the wine mass before your class. Especially the traditional grape varieties (Blaufränkisch) were close to his heart. These have been grown in Deutschkreutz for centuries.



Hans IGLER also plays a pioneering role in the use of original French barrique barrels. He first obtained the first 30 in 1981 from Chateau Latour in Bordeaux (France). This path is followed today by his daughter Waltraud Reisner-IGLER with husband Wolfgang and son Clemens. With a constant high quality in the wine production until today the HANS-IGLER motto "Standstill means regression" is kept true. This operating philosophy has not changed in over 50 years. Thus, the guiding principle "Never be satisfied with what you have achieved and always work to improve" continues to be unwaveringly valid.



The wine quality is already created in the vineyard. Accordingly, the HANS-IGLER winery favors: near-natural viticulture through green manuring and the incorporation of sowings with low yields per hectare. Caused by the breaking away of the shoots and thinning of the grapes. As a result, a late and gentle harvest. The careful processing of the grapes are the basis of the quality wines typical of the region.

The applied knowledge of the family members helps in the meticulous processing in the wine cellar to develop quality in the best possible way. Thus, son Clemens Reisner has shared cellar responsibility for wines from Blaufränkischland since 2010. The special characteristics of the wine varieties are appreciated and strengthened in the winery across generations. The HANS-IGLER winery has specialized in local red wine varieties since the beginning.



For the HANS-IGLER winery, wine culture doesn't just happen in the bottle. The connoisseur experiences this every time he looks at his favorite bottle. Red wine pioneer Hans IGLER wanted to show the quality in the bottle with fabulous, artistic labels on the bottle. Thus, together with Prof. Anton Lehmden, Austria's first artistically designed label series was created. With about 40ha, a maximum of 220,000 bottles are produced annually. Since 2020, the wine bottles appear in a new look. The redesign of the labels is intended to create a link between the past, present and future of the winery, while maintaining the reference to Anton Lehmden's iconic artworks. Furthermore, the attention to detail and the quality of the wine is tangible with each bottle.