Burgenland is the origin of all wines of the winery HANS-IGLER. Central Burgenland is known throughout Austria as the sunshine country due to its high number of sunny days. The easternmost part of this wine-growing region Mittelburgenland is also called Blaufränkischland. The home of the vines of the HANS-IGLER winery is located in the center of Blaufränkischland. These have views of historic buildings such as the Kreuzstadel, the Schaflerhof, the Renaissance Deutschkreutz Castle and good views of Lake Neusiedl.


The vines of the HANS-IGLER winery grow in one of the sunniest parts of Austria. This area is located south of Lake Neusiedl, at the foot of the Ödenburg Mountains. The Pannonian subcontinental climate, as well as sandy-loamy gravel soils, support the characteristic features of the varieties and the thriving of the vines of the HANS-IGLER winery. The most typical wine of the region obtained from it is the Blaufränkisch. This is central for assortment of the winery HANS-IGLER.

Pruning & Tying

Pruning the vines (pruning) is exemplary of the high school of viticulture. During the winter months, the vine is in hibernation and does not produce juice. During this period, pruning takes place in the winery HANS-IGLER. The quality of the grapes is paramount, which is why the family business carries out only quality-enhancing pruning: Soft pruning means that vines are cut up to two years. In this way, the HANS-IGLER winery avoids the death of the juice stream. In early March, this work is finished for qualitative wine. In the next step, tying is important. One of two standing annual shoots is attached to the vineyard wire in a gentle curve. If one of the two shoots breaks unexpectedly, the respective replacement shoot is used. With the section of the mentioned replacement shoot, the quality of the grape is already in the center.


Buds & Berries

In the weeks following pruning and tying, the HANS-IGLER winery observes bud swells on the sheltered vines. The "dormant" eyes (buds) of the woody shoot burst open. The leaves of the vine unfold. Thus, after a month, the vine leaf then reaches the 3-leaf or even 5-leaf stage.

For the vines of the HANS-IGLER winery, flowering occurs at the beginning of June. During the summer, the berries or grapes develop. These grow in suitable weather until mid-August at the latest. After that, they turn color according to your variety. The grape harvest takes place in the HANS-IGLER winery in mid-September for early varieties. The varieties Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, St. Laurent and Chardonnay are annual prelude to the grape harvest in Blaufränkischland.