Foundation & Experience

Years of experience taught us: Wine Quality originates in the vineyard. Therefore, the soil, the climatic conditions as well as the careful processing from the start in the vineyards form the basis for the quality of the wines. We work with about 40 hectars which are made up of 97% red wine and only 3% white wine. The oldest vines are from the 1960s and 1970s. In Deutschkreutz, the vineyards are situated around the village.

Vineyards & (Unique) Geolocations

The most important ones are located in the old vineyard, and is made up of a multitude of excellent single vineyards such Hochberg, Ried Fabian and Ried Goldberg. Due to the special microclimate 240m above sea level and these sandy clay soils, dense and spicy wines with a mineral taste are being produced; especially the Blaufränkisch.

The picturesque, hilly vineyard is probably the oldest wine-growing area in Deutschkreutz from which you have a wonderful view of the Lake Neusiedl, Sopron, the Parndorfer Platte and the Puchberger Schneeberg. The medium-heavy clay soils containing high proportions of chalk.

The vineyard geolocation "Hochberg" is the steepest of all in the Biiri. A southwest slope with medium-heavy loamy clay soils; the soil is partly sandy containing high proportions of chalk. The solar radiation is very intensive whilst the amount of precipitation is low (550ml/m² per year).

There are also top vineyards located close to the Hungarian border such as  the geolocation "Kart" that is predestined to produce a mature Cabernet Sauvignon that is rich in tannins due to the mixture of clay, gravel and its high iron content. Further vineyards are Weissel Kreutz, Strassweingarten, Rohrbrunn and Girmer Sandäcker just to name a few which are characterised by their finesse and fruit, brought about by the unique soils.

Harvest Time & Cellar Wisdom

Each year is fun as well as a new challenge to bring out the best quality there is in the grapes. The right time for every step has to be set, especially the right time for the harvest is very important. The vinemaker is ought to create the best quality - The truth awaits in the cellar (Clemens Reisner).