The wine region Burgenland stands for traditional connection, a quality confession for the Weingut HANS-IGLER. The vision of continuous perfection of wines from the Blaufränkischland is explained in the processing of vines. Naturally, viticulture has traditionally been important for the prosperity of grapes.


The home of the  Weingut HANS-IGLER is located south of Lake Neusiedl, the foot of the Ödenburg Highlands. The hills shield prime vineyard sites of sandy clay and gravel soils nestled in the unique Blaufränkischland. The shoots are thinned out and trimmed by hand. The wall of leaves is being kept airy and high until the grapes reach their optimum level of ripeness. Sustainable and close-to-nature viticulture is very important. The location of the vineyards is next to the SCHAFLERHOF, Deutschkreutz Castle and the nearby Lake Neusiedl.


The vineyards of Weingut HANS-IGLER grow in the sunniest part of Austria. This area is located south of lake Neusiedl, at the foot of the Ödenburger mountains. The Panonian subcontinental climate, with its sandy-loamy gravel soil, supports the characteristic features of the wine grapes of the Weingut HANS-IGLER. The typical wine for the region is the Blaufränkisch. This is a central part of the Weingut HANS-IGLER.

Pruning & Binding

The cut of the vines (pruning) is exemplary for the high school of viticulture. In the winter months the vine is in winter sleep and does not produce juice. During this time the pruning is carried out at Weingut HANS-IGLER. The quality of the grapes is top priority, which is why the family business is carried out only in quality-growing grape approaches. In early March, this work is finished. In the next step binding is important.

Buds & Berries

In the weeks after the pruning and the binding work, the Weingut HANS-IGLER observes buds on the sheltered vines. The "sleeping" eyes (buds) burst and the leaves of the vine unfold. For example, the vine leaf reaches the 3-leaf or even 5-leaf stage after one month.

For the vines of the Weingut HANS-IGLER the flowering takes place at the beginning of June. During the summer the berries or grapes develop. These grow in suitable weather by mid-August at the latest. Then they color according to their type. The vintage takes place in the Weingut HANS-IGLER with early varieties in the middle of September. The varieties of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, St. Laurent and Chardonnay are an annual start to the harvest in the Blaufränkischland.