Cancellation policy

Withdrawal by express written declaration

Every customer within the meaning of iSd § 1 Abs. 1 Z. 2 KSchG may withdraw from the concluded contract within 14 days after receipt of the goods by sending a written notice of withdrawal without giving any reasons. For this purpose, it is sufficient if the notice of withdrawal is sent within this period (the date of the postmark is decisive). In this case, the customer is demonstrably obliged to return the goods without delay. The return shipping costs (postage) are to be borne by the customer. If the goods have been used and/or damaged, the Customer shall pay to the Seller a reasonable fee for the use including a reasonable compensation for the damage incurred - up to a maximum of the value of the goods. The declaration of withdrawal is to be sent to the following address: Winery Hans Igler, Lange Gasse 49, A-7301 Deutschkreutz in Austria and by e-mail at

Cancellation by simply returning the goods

The customer may also exercise his right of withdrawal by merely returning the goods to the seller within 14 days of receipt without written notice of withdrawal. In this case, the timely dispatch of the goods shall be sufficient for compliance with the deadline. The prerequisite for this form of exercising the right of withdrawal by simply returning the goods is that the goods are not damaged or used and that the return is made with sufficient postage. Exclusively in the case of an incorrect or defective delivery, the seller bears the return shipping costs (postage).

The risk of the return as well as its proof lies in each case with the customer. In case of withdrawal of the customer (by explicit declaration or simple return of the goods), the seller will immediately refund the purchase price already paid - shipping costs will not be refunded. When ordering on open account, the customer account will be credited.

Notes on returns

The modalities mentioned in this section ("Notes on returns") are not a prerequisite for the effective exercise of the above right of withdrawal.

Customers are requested to notify the seller Weingut Hans Igler, Lange Gasse 49, A-7301 Deutschkreutz in Austria and by e-mail at to announce the return before returning the goods. In this way, they allow the seller to assign the products as quickly as possible.

Customers are asked to return the goods to the seller as a prepaid package and keep the receipt. Upon request, the seller will reimburse the customer in advance for postage costs, unless they are to be paid by the buyer.

Customers are asked to avoid damage or contamination of the goods. If possible, the goods should be returned to the seller in the original packaging with all accessories. If the original packaging is no longer in the possession of the seller, other suitable packaging should be used to ensure adequate protection against damage in transit and to avoid any claims for damages due to inadequate packaging.

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